Founded in 2013, Sweet & Vapes has quickly established itself as a vape high end specialist in France and Europe.

Our rigor, our passion, our know-how and our hard work have made us official distributors of moders like Atmizoo (FRANCE) or Xtra Mile Vape (EUROPE), and many others already trust us.

In 2018, our dynamism pushes us to change the French market and our skills.


A family business and passion.

Since its establishing, Sweet & Vapes has unceasingly discovered all the cultures of the vapeworld. Our leitmotiv has always been this passion for discovery and sharing. Sweet & Vapes is a family business where every employee contributes his stone to the building so that the whole is as stable as possible. These links that link our team allows us to go beyond each day and always push our limits.

Fidelity and a flawless policy.

At Sweet & Vapes, our philosophy and vision has not changed since our establishing. We fight forever for more transparency, quality, professionalism. We are committed to a safe and healthy vape and no matter what hype, we are working for tomorrow and it doesn't stop today!

It is this state of mind that makes us, of course, loyal to our partners and build long-term relationships.

The quest for excellence.

It is with a sometimes excessive requirement but above all by thirst for discoveries that Sweet & Vapes pursues its permanent search for quality craftsman.

With the goal of excellence, the approach of Sweet & Vapes combines authenticity and constant questioning.

This desire for completeness and this rare requirement pushes us to try many creations from all over the world, which offers us an incontestable place of reference.

The human adventure.

Beyond products, it is above all a story of encounters, links and affinities. Sweet & Vapes reflects an extraordinary human adventure made of encounters and even often friendships.

Craftsmen that Sweet & Vapes doesn't hesitate to put forward: their know-how, theirs goals also their commitment.

History of lands, men and passion, the products that make up the selection of Sweet & Vapes are all stories to share.

Faithful to our original commitments, attached to our entrepreneurial and human heritage, Sweet & Vapes is characterized by an unceasing curiosity and a permanent quest for perfection.

Because Sweet & Vapes has always considered that, like products, artisans are all different, we have made this diversity our richness. By making each of these discoveries a story of encounters, Sweet & Vapes has built a unique model whose main qualities are difference, requirement, independence, curiosity and creativity.