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Xtra Mile Vape


XTRA MILE VAPE is a Korean modder called Yongjoon Jin. Wanting stops smoking, and thinking that vaping was a captivating hobby, he began to take an interrest to E-Cigarette.Law graduate, the pasison  of Yongjoon Jin. Wanting is to manufacture objects, to «face a machine» as he likes to say it. Noting that nobody was producing high-end products , at least as he understood it, he decided to start. That is how XTRA MILE VAPE was born.

The name XTRA MILE VAPE comes from the surname given by his cousin : « going the extra mile ». Yongjoon knows that he is not graduated from engineering, but he always wants to excel and do better than them...


The purpose of XTRA MILE VAPE is to always make products of the best possible quality, by using the most security and qualitative equipement which is.
He leaves no room to random.
Moreover XTRA MILE VAPE was the first world modder using Ultem for the realization of
his tanks. All the production is exclusively made in Korea.

Wanting always to progress, his strength is its vision of things.
Produce an atomizer always begins by the realization of his atomizating chamber.
So XTRA MILE VAPE offers us an explosion of flavors with an intensive return,
without ever grumbling on an interesting vapor volume.

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Xtra Mile Vape

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